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Proven methods to increase opt-in

Double opt-in mailing lists are the gold standard, but many valid leads never confirm. Get the best of both worlds by keeping spammers out, while reducing friction for truly interested leads.

Get full insight into unconfirmed subscribers

Import historical data to see your confirmation rate before and after adding Subscribe Sense to your marketing tech stack.

Provide status updates during signup

Let users know if their email bounces, and update them if their subscription was successfully confirmed.

Link directly to confirmation emails

Thank-you pages provide user-specific sniper links to send users directly to your confirmation email in their webmail client.

Send reminder email nudges

Attention spans are short. Optional reminders give leads more than one chance to find your confirmation email.

See a Subscribe Sense confirmation flow in action!

See how Subscribe Sense prevents interested leads from getting lost in the shuffle.

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We’ve seen double-opt in rates within Mailchimp slip to 39%. This means 61% of people start but do not finish the double opt-in process.


We see that in the confirmation failure rates, which are generally in the 20% to 40% range. Those aren’t just numbers. Those are lots of genuinely interested people who will be disappointed when they don’t receive your emails.

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